How Dental Restoration Work And The Different Types

Not having the perfect teeth can cause you embarrassment, especially when those problems are noticeable. The good news is that you can have dental restoration to fix them no matter what those problems are. There are different types of restoration being offered at clinique dentaire Longueuil, and your dentist will use the most appropriate one for your condition.

How it works

Dental restoration is the process of bringing back the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the teeth. If you have decayed teeth, missing teeth, or stained teeth, you can have the appropriate procedure performed at your dental clinic, and you’ll bring back your bright smile. The procedures may vary depending on the type of restoration, with some requiring the use of local anesthesia and others being performed without one. Some of the procedures may also require specific expertise, while general dentists can do others.

Dental restoration types

Dental restoration can be classified as direct and indirect. Direct restoration is usually done on the same day, and you’ll b treated as an outpatient. You may go to your dentist for a regular visit, and the dental problems you have will be dealt with immediately. The procedure may involve the use of composite resins. Examples include filling of cavities, dental cleaning, and fixing other localized problems. The focus is always on the directly impacted tooth, and the procedure is not always invasive.

With indirect dental restoration, it may take your dentist longer to find an appropriate solution, and you may have to make several visits to the clinic before the problem is solved. This type of restoration is ideal for teeth that have lost support and will require new supportive material. The material is usually manufactured in a lab then installed, which cannot be done on the same day.

All the dental restoration options such as dental filling, teeth whitening, dental bonding, and dental crowns fall under direct and indirect dental restoration. You must discuss the procedure with your dentist beforehand so you’ll know what to expect. Dentists at Clinique dentaire Longueuil will explain the process in detail and t hosts and make sure you understand them before performing the restoration.


Some of the benefits of dental restoration include increased self-esteem, a brighter smile, and general well-being improvement. When you no longer have to hide your smile, you’ll have a better social and professional life, and that will improve your general outlook on life. Just ensure a qualified and reputable dentist does the dental restoration procedure.