How To Deal With Wrongful Termination

If you are still employed or if you have been laid off, the Federal and City employment laws ensure that your rights are protected.

Whenever in doubt, call an attorney directly for legal advice because there are statutes of limitations to consider, other matters that you must comply with. In the event you don’t, you risk losing your case no matter how persuasive the facts may be.

Recognized wrongful termination in California

Everyone knows that you can’t be dismissed or discriminated against by your employer based on race, religion, gender, age, or sexual orientation.

You can’t fire volunteer firefighters either. Additionally, it is forbidden to fire someone on the basis of illness or sick leave.

California allows employees to quit working conditions that are intolerable and sue under certain circumstances if they feel they can’t keep working under those conditions.

In addition to the ways mentioned above, there are many other methods where you can be fired wrongfully, such as if your wages are not being paid and you complain about it or get terminated for complaining about it.

Less frequently represented are situations in which employees are terminated for failing to follow orders provided by their employers because it’s illegal or in dangerous circumstances. That would constitute wrongful dismissal in violation of public policy.

How do you know if it’s against the law?

Well, there are laws you can refer to called statutes. Statutes are enacted by the legislature, not by the court, and those statutes can be federal laws, or they can be state laws, and they could even be building codes or city policies.

What you need to do

No matter how long you worked for your employer, or what you were doing at the time, or the capacity in which you were employed, if you feel that you’ve been wrongfully terminated, your employer may be vulnerable to a lawsuit.

You might be able to find assistance through a local agency dealing with situations similar to yours by contacting them directly and explaining everything that occurred during your tenure, which may help you determine whether a lawsuit is available to you.

There are also several organizations that you can rely upon, and there is almost an organization for every type of workplace discrimination.

Wrongful Dismissal? The best option you have is to contact a wrongful termination attorney in Los Angeles and fight for your employee rights today!