Can You Hide A Septum Piercing As Soon As You Get It

A septum piercing is a piercing of the part of your nose that divides right from left. Most professional body piercers aim for what is called the “sweet spot” – the thin area just past the thick cartilage at the front. After proper care, a person can change the rings to match their mood. 

Listen, I think that piercing is awesome, looks great, and let’s face it (pun intended), you can create some great looks with the different jewelry available. It’s personal and is a great testament to your inner nature.

But leave it to that “traditional” person to ruin the moment by pointing it out to your new employer, or while out with friends in a formal setting. Enter the septum retainer. A brilliant piece of metal, or plastic depending on your choice, used to keep your piercing open while hiding it from the more, shall we say, stodgy population. 

Before we get into that, let’s talk about septum piercing care. If you recently had it done, a septum retainer can be used but don’t twist it too many times. As the piercing heals, a constant movement may irritate the sensitive membranes. You still need to clean it regularly just as your professional body piercer told you. We don’t mess with infection. 

If your piercing is fully healed, then the septum piercing is simple. Replace your ring with the retainer, flip it up, and go about your day. 

To find the right retainer, know the gauge of your regular septum rings. Too small will flip down at some of the worst times, and too big has a bucket list of things you don’t want to happen – such as infection.  

As a bonus, the septum retainer isn’t solely to hide that fabulous piercing. They come in decorative colors as well, meaning they are an alternative to the more traditional bars and rings. 

Now, just to be fully honest, you do have the ability to hide your piercing with a horseshoe. Often with balls on the end of them, many simply flip it up and hide it, just as you do with the retainer. Either option does mean you aren’t required to take it in and out constantly. Convenience is key when you’re so busy you don’t know whether to scratch your watch or wind your backside (many thanks to Dolly Parton for that zinger from the movie “Steel Magnolias”).

Before I get to be too wordy, know that either option works. The retainer is created to help hide the piercing if you need to and still be decorative. A great solution when you have to live in two worlds – yours and theirs.