Why Do Patients Get Face Lifts?

For women or men who are considering cosmetic surgery to improve the aesthetic appearance of your face or body, you might be wondering if a facelift is the right procedure for you. Depending on your age, the appearance of your skin, and other non-surgical solutions you have tried previously a face lift might be the next approach you consider, to help improve the appearance of your facial features and help reduce the fine lines and wrinkles you want to get rid of.

Why undergo a facelift?

Every patient has different reasons for choosing to visit Robert Kotler MD for a facelift procedure. In some cases, patients wish to remove fine lines, crow’s feet, wrinkles, or other deformities that have appeared on their faces over the years. Another reason patients choose this procedure is because it helps increase the elastin in the skin. As you get older, your skin begins to sag. There’s no way to fight it. A facelift helps pull back the skin, helps tighten the sagging and loose skin, and helps revive the collagen levels that have been lost, as you get older. The redraping process helps improve the overall complexion, elasticity, and appearance around the face and neck.

Are results permanent?

In most cases, the results patients will see after having a facelift performed by¬†Robert Kotler MD, they won’t require any revisionary work in the future. With new techniques, such as re-draping the skin, and sculpting the neck and facial features, the results are usually permanent for those who have a facelift completed by the top surgeons. The procedure helps tighten the muscles, most patients see results which are permanent, and the skin does not lose its firmness or elasticity following a surgical procedure.

Choosing the right surgeon

Of course, the results you want to see are only achievable when you select the right surgeon for the procedure. Furthermore, you want the results to last, so you need to choose a surgeon that is using the latest techniques in the industry, and the best equipment to achieve the results you want to see (and the permanency of those results) when you undergo a facelift or any other cosmetic procedure for that matter. Before you have a facelift, make sure you take your time to compare top local surgeons, in order to ensure you will achieve the desired outcome and are happy with the results of the work done by the surgeon.